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Park Narodowy Jezior Plitwickich

The waters flowing over the limestone and chalk have, over thousands of years, deposited travertine barriers, creating natural dams which in ...

Zabytkowe centrum Splitu wraz z pałacem Dioklecjana

The ruins of Diocletian's Palace, built between the late 3rd and the early 4th centuries A.D., can be found throughout the ...

Stare Miasto w Dubrowniku

The 'Pearl of the Adriatic', situated on the Dalmatian coast, became an important Mediterranean sea power from the 13th century onwards. ...

Twierdza Tower w Londynie

The massive White Tower is a typical example of Norman military architecture, whose influence was felt throughout the kingdom. It was ...

Dzieła Antoniego Gaudiego w Barcelonie

Seven properties built by the architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926) in or near Barcelona testify to Gaudí’s exceptional creative contribution to the ...

Stare Miasto we Lwowie

The city of L''viv, founded in the late Middle Ages, was a flourishing administrative, religious and commercial centre for several centuries. ...

Bryggen – szereg zabytkowych budynków w Bergen

Bryggen, the old wharf of Bergen, is a reminder of the town’s importance as part of the Hanseatic League’s trading empire ...

Stare Miasto w Wilnie

Political centre of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the 13th to the end of the 18th century, Vilnius has had ...

Rezydencja królewska Drottningholm

The Royal Domain of Drottningholm stands on an island in Lake Mälar in a suburb of Stockholm. With its castle, perfectly ...

Zamek Krzyżacki w Malborku

This 13th-century fortified monastery belonging to the Teutonic Order was substantially enlarged and embellished after 1309, when the seat of the ...


The site of the Dolomites comprises a mountain range in the northern Italian Alps, numbering 18 peaks which rise to above ...

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