Berlin Modernism Housing Estates




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Hufeisensiedlung - modernistyczne osiedle w Berlinie
Bruno Taut architekt modernistycznego osiedla w berlinie Britz
Hufeisensiedlung - modernistyczne osiedle w Berlinie
Hufeisensielung - modernistyczne osiedle w Berlinie
Hufeisensiedlung - modernistyczne osiedle w Berlinie

Berlin Modernism Housing Estates. The property consists of six housing estates that testify to innovative housing policies from 1910 to 1933, especially during the Weimar Republic, when the city of Berlin was particularly progressive socially, politically and culturally. The property is an outstanding example of the building reform movement that contributed to improving housing and living conditions for people with low incomes through novel approaches to town planning, architecture and garden design. The estates also provide exceptional examples of new urban and architectural typologies, featuring fresh design solutions, as well as technical and aesthetic innovations. Bruno Taut, Martin Wagner and Walter Gropius were among the leading architects of these projects which exercised considerable influence on the development of housing around the world.

Źródło: World Heritage Convention

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